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Duncan PatersonDuncan Paterson
Duncan is chief executive officer and founder of CAER. He has worked extensively in the field of responsible investment, both in Australia and in the UK with EIRIS. Duncan enjoys working with a broad range of investors to incorporate environmental, social and governance criteria into their investment processes. In addition to his work with CAER, Duncan served for 10 years on the board of the industry body for responsible investment in Australia, the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) (the last few years as Chair), and for 10 years as a director of the Hong Kong-based Association for Sustainable and Responsible Investment in Asia (ASrIA).

Konrad KnerrKonrad Knerr
Konrad is an executive director and the chief operating officer of CAER. He has research experience at the Universitaet Bielefeld, in Germany and at the Australian National University in Australia. He previously worked for the ASX-listed funds manager Australian Ethical Investment Limited, and subsequent to that helped establish CAER in 2002. He is currently also a board member of the Association for Responsible Investment Services (ARISE) based in Brussels, Belgium.

Philip SloanePhilip Sloane
Phil is head of research at CAER. He is responsible for coordinating company research and providing reports to clients. He specialises in assessing environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance of companies in the banking and finance sector. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment.

Julia LeskeJulia Leske
As business development manager at CAER, Julia helps asset owners and investment managers to integrate environment, social and governance (ESG) factors to their investment processes. She has in-depth knowledge of the research and analysis of corporate ESG factors and risks. Through her work at CAER, Julia has a good understanding of company sustainability assessments and reporting frameworks. She has also been involved in the collation and construction of sustainability indices and has contributed to a range of thematic reports on Australian companies and their responses to ESG challenges. Through working with a broad range of investors to incorporate ESG criteria into their investment processes and participation in multi-stakeholder groups and investor collaborations, Julia also has extensive experience in stakeholder engagement. Julia has a Master in Environmental Management and Development from the Australian National University, and a combined Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration/European Studies and Sustainable Development from the Universities of Muenster (Germany) and Twente (Netherlands).

Nina HayslerNina Haysler

Nina is an ESG Analyst at CAER. Nina joined CAER in 2015, after completing a Bachelor of International Relations (Honours) from the Australian National University. She has a particular interest in methods of negative screening in the investment process and indigenous and human rights issues. Nina also has specialised in human capital management and psychosocial health in the workplace. This interest began with an engagement with ACSI concerning psychosocial health in the utilities, mining and financial sectors.

Keith PriceKeith Price
Keith is a researcher and programmer with backgrounds in philosophy, computer science/software engineering and administration. He is keenly interested in developing integral theory and practice in all areas of human endeavour. He has one son and lives in Canberra.

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